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KC Kids Camps and Dismissal Days

While KC Kids Camps and Dismissal Days require a separate registration and payment, they are an integral part of the overall Kaleidoscope Corner programming. During these days when students are out of school and parents are likely still working, we offer exciting and out of the ordinary activities to challenge your children.

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The Department of Extended Learning is excited to provide programs for students on days where school in not in session. We offer FULL DAY (6:30am - 6:00pm) programming where students will be engaged with a variety or projects that range from art to STEM to physical movement and more!


December 21 & 22

December 29 & 30

January 4 & 5

March 28-30

April 1

April 11


Southmoor (Dec. - April)

Bradley (Only on November dates)


Valdez (Not on April 11th)

Sandoval (April 11th only)

Westerly Creek